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Train Driving School

A series of extra long train driving sessions teaching your little train drivers more advanced aspects of our railway. From signalling to shunting!

Available Now: Session 1 "The Goods Train"

Age: 5yrs+

Price (Varies)

The Goods Train

Goods need transporting around our railway. In this fun 1-on-1 taught session we'll visit the railway's goods sidings and shunt wagons into the right order to build a Goods Train which we'll and then drive around the railway dropping off wagons at the right stations.

Your little Train Drivers will learn how to:

+ Uncouple and Couple wagons
+ Change Points
+ Use Shunting Sidings
+ Problem solve a shunting puzzle
+ Drop wagons off at Goods Sidings around the railway

Price: £7.50
Duration: 30-40 minutes
Includes: Hot Chocolate & Cookie

BOOK TODAY: Booking is essential. Message us today!


Runs in good weather only. In the event of bad weather you may transfer your booking to an alternate day or request a refund.

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