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3d Printer Request

We're looking for local community organisations, clubs or schools to donate our 3d Printers to. Please fill out the details below if you'd like to request a printer. The printers have been donated to us to produce PPE for the NHS and while we're continuing production we need to downsize due to relocation. We have 3 printers that we'd like to re-home all requiring differing levels of expertise to use, some are suitable for children others are not. The questions below help us identify the best new home for each printer.

Please describe what you will utilise the printer for, if working with children please give an indication of age

Do you have experience with 3d printing?
Can you collect the printer from the East Midlands Area?
Would you be willing to allow us to publish a photograph on our social media of us handing over the printer to you? (With all necessary social distancing in place)
Will you require help setting up the Printer?

Thanks for submitting!

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